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Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Chapter 12

Guru Granth Sahib and Compositions
of Satta and Balwand
In the book “Satgur bin hor kachi hai Bani - Except Sat Guru,
Utterances of all others, lack Maturity”, the authors (leaders of
Panch Khalsa Diwan, headed by Teja Singh Bhasaur) tried their
hard to prove that these were Baba Prithi Chand (the eldest brother
of Guru Arjan Dev) and Chandu, who intrigued for inclusion of the
Compositions of the Bhagats in Guru Granth Sahib, after the
martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev. We have clarified that Guru Arjan
Dev had received the Compositions of the preceding Gurus and of
the Bhagats at the time of his succession as Guru and later, along
with his own Compositions, compiled them in the form of Guru
Granth Sahib. These people invented the story that after Guru Arjan
Dev’s martyrdom the authorities took hold of the Holy Book. They
write about the Swayyas of Bhatts and Ode of Satta and Balwand,
as below- -
Emperor Jehangir made a pact with Prithia and his party. This
was the most critical time for the Khalsa. At this time, the
compositions of Hindus, Muslims and Muslim musicians were
incorporated in the Holy Book along with the Guru’s
Compositions, thus evolving a strange admixture.
The organizers of Panch Khalsa Diwan also made an appeal
in this book that “they have full confidence that the Sikh scholars
will consider this grave problem with perfect calmness.” But they
themselves used utmost rough language. At page 149 of their book,
while making mention of Satta and Balwand, they Write –


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