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Appendix III

A Brief Note on Sikhism
God is Fonnless - an all pervading spirit. He is all wisdom and
is creative. His Will is His Word, through which He manifests Himself.
His Word or Will or Command is His Personality. His Word - the true
enlightener or Sat Guru (True Teacher) is present in all.
For countless ages there was utter darkness. There was no
earth, no sky, neither any creature nor sound, nor air nor water.
The Infinite God, who is eternal, was only there, absorbed in
Himself. He was contemplating on values, which He liked most.
When He willed to manifest these values and witness them, He
created countless universes, through the utterance of the Word.
The Word uttered by God, became the cause of all the creation.
His Word is all pervasive and the sole Cause of the’ entire creation.
His Word creates the universes, supports them and sustains them.
God’s Word is the Cause and the creation is its effect. In other
words his Word is the seed of the whole creation. Whatever is in
the seed, the effect manifests the same thing. So from His Word
emerge His Qualities, which we call by different Names. So His
Word or Will or His Name are references to the same object. He is
known through His Word or Name, and we meet Him by loving
His Word or Name. The Sikh Gurus also teach that His Word turns
into His Light, which is the cause of all creation. His Word and
Spirit (His Light in all) also mean the same thing. Vibtation up to
certain extent produce Sound, but if their frequency is increased
several fold, they change into Light. The Soul or His Light or His
Word are the same thing from where we get His Word through


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