Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Chapter 4

Inter-Relationship of Guru’s Compositions

On the basis of Reasoning and Life Stories of Guru Nanak Dev, we are forced to conclude that Guru Nanak Dev had himself written his own Compositions and preserved them. Here we ask, where has that stock of the Guru’s collections gone?

Search for the Guru’s Compositions

In this connection Sardar G. B. Singh, author of book “Pracheen Birhan”, writes as under in his book - Guru Nanak, when he was a young man of twentyfive years, liked, to call himself a Poet. He began to compose “Bani” - Holy Word, and continued to do so till his end. The “Bani” he composed, during the course of about forty years, is to be found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It is, however, not possible, that the “Bani” thus composed was a lot written by the Guru somewhere. Also, the Guru must have first written his Compositions on blank sheets of paper, and would have later revised them and written in a book form. The inner construction of “Bani” and many of his life stories, if read intently, lead us to the conclusion that his works in the shape of a book were available with him. The language used is highly scholarly and is sweet, perfect in poetic expression, coherent and consistent in thought and ideology. It depicts glimpses of hard work done with diligence. The Guru, even when alone, used to read and sing his own Compositions. The question arises, where has the book or the writings of the Guru eloped? It is strange, we have preserved the Gurus shoes, turban and other relics,


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