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Bru Bank said on 17-Nov-2018

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SunnyMansher Singh Rai said on 16-Nov-2018

I giving the Sikh Gurbani group the question bc of my own personal curiosity, and so that I can have more knowledge in my daily life!!!

SunnyMansher Singh Rai said on 16-Nov-2018

Please maybe someone can email me??? sunnymansher@gmail.com?? Why can't old people live 200 years, and stay with us, and keep on getting bored??? Who gives them this power to leave their Physical Universe bodies??? Why and how does God do this/ is doing this, letting all Old people die of natural causes???

SunnyMansher Singh Rai said on 16-Nov-2018

Why don't they just get forced to live another hundred/hundreds of years until they are so BORED , super bored and restless, that they are begging soldiers to shoot them and take them to the next life??? How can someone die without getting hurt??? Does anyone know???

SunnyMansher Singh Rai said on 16-Nov-2018

Why do OLD People die??? Critically these seems like an miracle. People shit around and spend their time doing bad things all their lives, and then suddenly, when they are very old, they LEAVE THEIR BODIES, forever!!! WHO gives them this opportunity, and CHOICE!

SunnyMansher Singh Rai said on 16-Nov-2018

Can somebody answer these questions??? Why do OLD people die??? How do snakes move without legs??? Why does snow form in the wintertime instead of ice, in our freezers and refrigerators ice forms!!!

JasonJep said on 16-Nov-2018

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Rajinder Nijjhar said on 15-Nov-2018

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Pag Tillo said on 15-Nov-2018

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Numbersacump said on 14-Nov-2018