Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Chapter 11

Who were responsible for making
intnIsion of Extraneous matter
in Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Research made in old ‘Janamsakhis’
of Guru Nanak Dev
Naturally, the readers must be thinking as to who were those
who had made such a plan to cause confusion and total disruption
among the Sikhs. The spurious compositions added at the end of
the hand-written copies of the Holy Book, are all stated to be in the
name of Guru Nanak Dev. So, in order to find out where these
spurious compositions in the name of Guru Nanak Dev existed,
and when they were incorporated in the hand-written copies of the
Holy Book, we have to make a critical research of the ‘Janamsakhis’
Cold records of life history of Guru Nanak Dev). The oldest book
from which we find the life events of Guru Nanak Dev, is called
“Puratan Janamsakhi”. This book was written in 1692 Bikrami
(1635 A.D) during the times of Sri Guru Hargobind, the Sixth Guru..
In the third edition of this Book, at pages 134-135, at the end of
Story number 29, an appendix is given. The heading of story number
29, is “Bisiar Des, Jhanda Badhi Juga wali.” In the appendix it is
written - “Then Baba Was pleased. Then Jhanda Badhi was
dispatched toward Bisiar. Jhanda Badhi’s Pontif-ship is in
Bisial”country. The Kal Yug (Iron Age) has completed four
thousand, seven hundred and thirty five years - 4,735 years.”


Displaying Page 163 of 271