. Harmandir Sahib Hukumnama : Mon 16 December, 2019

[December 16, 2019, Monday 05:30 AM. IST]
soriT mhlw 5 Gru 3 caupdy
imil pMchu nhI shsw cukwieAw ] iskdwrhu nh pqIAwieAw ] aumrwvhu AwgY Jyrw ] imil rwjn rwm inbyrw ]1] Ab FUFn kqhu n jweI ] goibd Byty gur gosweI ] rhwau ] AwieAw pRB drbwrw ] qw sglI imtI pUkwrw ] lbiD AwpxI pweI ] qw kq AwvY kq jweI ]2] qh swc inAwie inbyrw ] aUhw sm Twkuru sm cyrw ] AMqrjwmI jwnY ] ibnu bolq Awip pCwnY ]3] srb Qwn ko rwjw ] qh Anhd sbd Agwjw ] iqsu pih ikAw cqurweI ] imlu nwnk Awpu gvweI ]4]1]51]
somvwr, 1 poh (sMmq 551 nwnkSwhI)
AMg: 621
hy BweI! ngr dy pYNcW
Meeting with the council, my doubts were not dispelled. The chiefs did not give me satisfaction. I presented my dispute to the noblemen as well. But it was only settled by meeting with the King, my Lord. || 1 || Now, I do not go searching anywhere else, because I have met the Guru, the Lord of the Universe. || Pause || When I came to God’s Darbaar, His Holy Court, then all of my cries and complaints were settled. Now that I have attained what I had sought, where should I come and where should I go? || 2 || There, true justice is administered. There, the Lord Master and His disciple are one and the same. The Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, knows. Without our speaking, He understands. || 3 || He is the King of all places. There, the unstruck melody of the Shabad resounds. Of what use is cleverness when dealing with Him? Meeting with Him, O Nanak, one loses his self-conceit. || 4 || 1 || 51 ||
Monday, 1st Poh (Samvat 551 Nanakshahi)
Page: 621