Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Chapter 13

Puratan Janam-Sakhi
(Oldest life history of Guru Nanak Dev)

1. About the Author of this Book.
We do not find the name of the author of the book “Puratan
janamsakhi” - The oldest history on the life of Guru Nanak Dev.
But when we read carefully the life stories of the Guru, we can
find out the religion and the caste of people he belonged to.
In the book, the first seven stories relate to the Guru’s life at
Talwandi and Sultanpur. We are surprised the most to read story
number 12. The heading of this story given is “The Guru caused
people to worship Mardana’. According to the story, the Guru,
who was accompanied by Mardana, on leaving Sultanpur travelled
through uninhabited wildernesses. He followed no road and he
entered no dwelling. As they were travelling, the Guru asked: “Are
you feeling hungry, Mardana? “ And Mardana replied, “All things
are known to you.” Guru Nanak Dev then asked Mardana, “Proceed
straight on and enter village, which lies ahead. Uppal Khatris live
there. Enter their house and stand silent. All will come, Mardana,
both Hindus and Muslims, and they all will prostrate themselves
before you. They will spread a bed for you and offer all kinds of
delicacies. come will offer money and others will offer other
tempting things. No one will ask you where you have come from
and whose man you are.”
The story teller further states that Mardana as directed by
Guru Nanak Dev went to the town. “He received much adoration
and when he departed all the residents came and prostrated before


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