Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Chapter 14

Information about other Religions and other
Information in Sri GuroGranth Sahib

A. Stories in Puranas and Idol-Worship
of gods and goddesses
From the olden times in India, people have been worshipping
gods and goddesses. Several, temples exist in honour of certain
gods and goddesses. The life stories of these gods and goddesses
are narrated in these temples, both in the morning and evening
services. Connected with these gods and goddesses are the stories
of certain sages and Rishis, which are also narrated. There are
number of stories wherein gods mutually cursed each other and the
Rishis cursed the kings and other people. Hindus visit these temples,
both morning and evening regularly and listen to these stories.
Guru Nanak Dev was born in Rai Bhoe di Talwandi in
Sheikhupura district now in Pakistan. In that part of the country,
there was no historical temple of any importance. However, the
Guru in his First Missionay Tour of India, ‘visited a number of Hindu
sacred places. We find in the Compositions of the Guru references
made to the Purank stories.
Those who read the Guru’s Compositions intently, they find in
them information about Hindu religious practices in vogue. In Hindu
temples, Arti is performed before the images of gods and goddesses.
The priest takes the salver in which are fitted lamp (purified butter
is used in place of oil in the lamps). The priest holds the candelabrum


Displaying Page 194 of 271