Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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Chapter 6

Praise of Baba Mohan

We have already given in Chapter 1, the accounts given in “Sooraj Parkash” and “Gurbilas”, about the guilt feelings of Baba Mohan, who at the time of demise of his father, Guru Amar Das, disobeyed him to bow at the feet of Guru Ram Das. Baba Mohan then returned to his room, which formed the upper storey of the house, and repented for this lapse. According to the above said books, the voice of Guru Amar Das was heard through the roof of the room. The Guru advised his son that the books of the Gurus’ Compositions that he possessed, he should preserve them carefully, not to give to anyone, but to hand over to Guru Arjan Dev, the son of Guru Ram Das, when he would visit him to obtain these books for compilation of Guru Granth. Mohan should then fall on the feet of Guru Arjan Dev, who would forgive him for his mistake. It is stated that Baba Mohan apprised Guru Arjan Dev of this advice of Guru Amar Das.

Prior to the narration of the above said story, these two Poet historians wrote that when Guru Arjan Dev went to Goindwal, he first took bath in the Baoli (Open Well) when Guru Amar Das appeared to him and advised him to utter praises of Mohan, and even if Mohan were to speak harsh words, those should be borne calmly, as in the end he would repent on his mistake and would hand over the books.

We have, after thorough examination of the whole situation by applying Reason, Historical Evidence and Comparison of Compositions of the Gurus with each other, reached the conclusion that Guru Arjan Dev had with him all the Compositions of the Gurus. In the circumstances, the Guru felt no necessity of obtaining the


Displaying Page 82 of 271